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Acuipharma - Acuicultores

The Company

Welcome from the President (Miguel Arrieta Olasagasti)

Welcome to this project that is ACUIPHARMA AQUACULTURE HEALTH.

It is a pleasure for us to present the company, its partners and products, as well as all the people and entities that have made this project possible.

ACUIPHARMA AQUACULTURE HEALTH, S.L. was founded in 2014, through the collaboration of ACUITEC S.L. and CIB NAVARRA, as a specialised laboratory incorporating technology and innovation to offer innovative autovaccines in the aquaculture sector, in order to improve fish farm production and offer the market safe and high quality food, with environmentally friendly practices and products. But, most importantly, ACUIPHARMA is a company formed by fish farmers providing solutions to fish farmers.

ACUITEC S.L., a company specialising in the aquaculture sector with proven experience in the production and commercialisation of autovaccines, was established from the collaboration of its development partners, as well as CONSULTORA DE INVESTIGACION BIOMEDICA DE NAVARRA (CIB NAVARRA), a company specialising in breaking down regulatory barriers for the commercialisation of new therapeutic tools worldwide and management of research projects in the health sector.


ACUITEC S.L. is a company located in Aduna (Guipúzcoa), established in 1989, with experience in the production of autovaccines and commercialisation of equipment for fish farms, with a global presence (commercial network for the sale of trout eggs) and great knowledge of the aquaculture sector and the market. It had an authorised laboratory for the production of autovaccines for both continental and marine fish, certified by Good Manufacturing Practice since 2003, which it transferred to ACUIPHARMA, enabling it to focus on the marketing branch of equipment and trout eggs. It also has a commercial network in markets such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, among other countries.

CIB Navarra

CIB Navarra is a company located in Navarra with more than 25 years of experience in quality and product quality systems, regulatory issues and project management for new products in human and veterinary drug research. It has an important network of contacts with engineers, suppliers and research centres.

After the company was founded, two new partners were incorporated in 2015, who have contributed more prestige, value, experience and synergies in new markets.


BARNA was created in 1961 on the initiative of fishermen and canning companies to find an outlet for fish surpluses and by-products generated by the fish industry.

Since then, they focus on the recovery of fish by-products by processing them into fishmeal and fish oils, one of the strategic and priority objectives being the Environmental Management System.

The company is located between Bermeo and Mundaka, right in the heart of the Urdaibai biosphere reserve.


A venture capital company under the simplified regime for new technology-based and/or innovative companies in Gipuzkoa. Created in 2007, the company contributes financial resources and value. Its participation provides seriousness and rigour to the procedures and strategies of the companies in which it has a shareholding.


In 2016, a new partner joined the company. The new partner is JOSEBA MIKEL ASTORKIZA OJINAGA. Bachelor of Economics with an MBA, he is a professional specialising in managing companies and advising different Boards of Directors, of which he is a permanent executive member. With his incorporation, we hope to increase our business vision and the different business strategies to assume over time.

Committed to the environment

Supporting our fish farmers, Acuipharma is compromised by the environment And its sustainable development in general, and our seas and rivers particularly.

Apart from the commitment of manufacture with raw materials of natural origin, we have added the commitment to make our products with 100 % renewable energy.

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