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ACUIPHARMA's customer are all those who work in fish farming, both in the continental world (fresh water) and in the marine world (salt water). We have private and institutional customers.

Private customers (individuals and legal entities) range from small fish farmers who have one farm, to large groups that own several. These customers are spread all over Europe.

The Spanish institutional customers include all those who are concerned about preserving the health, conservation and reproduction of their native species.


The suppliers who have worked for ACUIPHARMA, have been chosen for offering the highest quality and professionalism.

Among them, we can mention the MIRAMÓN TECHNOLOGY PARK in Donostia-San Sebastián for allowing us to set up our laboratory within its boundaries, as a strategic place within the world of R+D+I.

We can also highlight GRIFOLS ENGINEERING, a leading company in the construction of laboratories, which was responsible for constructing ours; some of the companies that also played a part include the invaluable collaboration of HEMENKLIMA (air), GRUPO VEOLIA (air conditioning), ANTONIO MATACHANA (autoclave) and MERCK MILLIPORE (purified water).

And of course, we cannot fail to mention BIC BERRILAN for all their support, advice and good work in this process.

As for suppliers of raw materials, we collaborate with the main companies in the sector, within the strategic objective of providing the highest possible quality at the best price.

Committed to the environment

Supporting our fish farmers, Acuipharma is compromised by the environment And its sustainable development in general, and our seas and rivers particularly.

Apart from the commitment of manufacture with raw materials of natural origin, we have added the commitment to make our products with 100 % renewable energy.

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