Who we are

We are an autovaccine laboratory specialising in aquaculture. We offer expert advice, adapted autovaccine manufacturing and analysis services to cover the specific needs of each customer.


With over thirty years dedicated to the aquaculture sector, at ACUIPHARMA, we know that each facility and each production are different. Factors such as temperature, fish movements and different production systems make each customer unique. At ACUIPHARMA we try to further the study of pathologies and specific conditions of each customer, which enables us to offer unique and tailored solutions.



At ACUIPHARMA we are aware of the complexity involved in vaccinating aquaculture systems. Therefore, as well as being suppliers, we maintain close cooperation with the fish farmer, offering advice services, analysis and monitoring throughout production.

We are proactive in proposing new solutions in the face of changing situations that may occur during production. Our aim is to offer unique solutions for each customer, to ensure effective and sustainable production.


We produce our autovaccines on an ad-hoc basis, specific for each customer.

Once the veterinarian has issued the prescription, we analyse and select the strains and the composition for each facility and each production. Our production system allows us to produce small batches, adapting to the needs of each facility. We offer high quality products, complying with Good Manufacturing Practices for Medicines (GMP).


At ACUIPHARMA our research is focused on ways of increasing our capacity to detect and classify strains, develop more effective formulations and extend immunisation of the fish through products and innovative techniques.

We develop this research thanks to an in-house team of researchers and strategic collaborations with experts in a variety of fields.


Our company was originally part of ACUITEC, a company specialising in the aquaculture sector with proven experience in the production and marketing of autovaccines, which began with the autovaccine against Yersinia in 1989.

In 2014, it was decided that the project should operate independently and the split took place due to the collaboration of CIB NAVARRA, leading to the creation of the ACUIPHARMA company, based in Donostia.


Since its creation, the Arrieta family has had a stake in ACUIPHARMA and they are represented by the current Chairman of the Board of Directors (Mr Miguel Arrieta Olasagasti).

In recent years, the shareholder body has changed and the following company now holds a stake in the business:

Agin Zorrotz, S.L.​

Seed Gipuzkoa S.C.R.
de Regimen simplificado S.A. ​​​

A simplified Venture Capital Company that invests in new companies with a technological and/or innovative base in Gipuzkoa. Created in 2007, this is a company that contributes financial resources and adds value.

Arto Barri Bat, S.L.​​