Products and Services

Our aim is to offer unique solutions for each customer. We support fish farmers throughout the production process, offering analysis services and formulation of tailored autovaccines to handle endemic or specific problems at each facility.


Vaccination is one of the most valuable tools for preventing disease in aquaculture. . The great intra- and inter-specific variabilities of the response mechanisms, the microbial evolution that gives rise to the constant appearance of new clones and the wide diversity of aquatic systems make it important to find solutions adapted to each situation.

Therefore, at ACUIPHARMA we work on specific formulations for each customer, taking into account the conditions of each facility and the production cycle of the fish.

Other species

Aquaculture is constantly innovating and diversifying production systems for cultivating different species.

At ACUIPHARMA we are constantly innovating to provide solutions for all types of aquaculture productions. If you would like to know about possible solutions for another species, please contact us.

Diagnostic service

As dependence on antibiotics is reduced, the health management of fish farms requires effective detection systems and the application of monitoring protocols, specially adapted to each production environment.

At ACUIPHARMA we offer diagnostic and specific monitoring services for aquaculture.

General analyses and
health monitoring

Trout and Salmonids

Sea Fish